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Looking for guitar lessons in LA?
Julian is ready to get you started right away.
No matter what your goals may be from playing a pop song
To heavy rock and metal
Julian will help you explore your abilities using very detail training.

                      -Students of all ages are welcome-

What to expect at your first lesson.
First lesson is a demo lesson where you'll get to meet Julian and discuss your music goals for absolutely no charge.

                   -You have all the reason to be excited-


I've been teaching guitar for over 10 years
And developed great and long lasting relationships with all my students.
Need help buying your first guitar?
Not sure what kind of guitar is best for you?
I'm here to help! Don't be afraid to ask.
My guitar lessons are always fun and affordable.
The lessons are one hour long and can be held at my studio
in Venice and Downtown Los Angeles or your place
In Los Angeles area Santa Monica, Hollywood, Downtown
Koreatown and many more other locations.

What to expect at your first lesson.
First lesson is a free half an hour lesson
For you to check things out and discuss your music goals.

I will make sure that I have every resource needed
So time isn't wasted.

Enough material for you to learn in minimum
Amount of time.

I will help you stay focused and achieve your goals!   

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